You Owe It to Your Children to Live An Extraordinary Life

December 30, 2017

You Owe It to Your Children to Live An Extraordinary Life





Your children will do in excess what you do in moderation… FACT!

Like many of you reading this, because of fear and never believing I was ‘good enough’ I ended up in a career which was my second choice.

Don’t get me wrong, that career served me well and I had some fantastic and rewarding times as well as meeting some truly amazing people, but it was never what my heart wanted and part of me was always longing to explore this other side to me which I thought was out of my reach, and only for those who in some way were better than me.

As a grew older and matured I worked on myself through my spiritual and psychotherapy studies, I finally grew the courage to step out of my comfort zone, believe in myself and explore that other side to me.

However, fear always pulled me back in to the ‘safety’ of my second choice, or more accurately my mother’s choice.

It wasn’t until I had my children that I knew I had a greater responsibility to set an example for them. It wasn’t about me anymore!

I didn’t want them growing up and learning fear, and lack of confidence from me, the way I had learned fear and lack of confidence from my mum.

I wanted them to feel that anything and everything is possible and they can design their life any way they wish. No matter what, and the best way to teach your children anything is to always lead by example.


If You Want the Best for Your Children, You Have to Expect the Best from Yourself


If you really want the absolute best for your children, then you must expect the best from yourself, no questions asked, no excuses.

But how do you do this? Life can feel so scary and stressful, I get it!

When you feel like you’re just surviving each day, how the hell can you wake up one day and feel like you’re thriving?

How can you possibly believe you can live an extraordinary life when you’re just about making it through each day?


The truth is It’s not easy, and there’s many factors involved, but you know what, it first starts with simply believing you can.

 You have to shift your beliefs from I can’t, to I CAN, because whether you choose to believe you can, or whether you choose to believe you can’t, you’re right!


When you’ve been living on auto-pilot for so long it’s hard to even know what you want anymore. Because of this, it’s absolutely fundamental you get super clear on what YOU want, then set your intention to get it no matter what!



Getting Clear and Setting Your Intention


So how do you get clear on what it is you want exactly?


First you need to tune inwards, the answers are always inside you!


Follow the exercise below to get started:


Start by taking 3 deep conscious breaths, following the inhale and exhale all the way to the end.

 Bring your awareness to feeling your breath as it flows in and out of your body, with every exhalation feeling yourself let go of stress and tension.

Feel yourself anchoring to the present moment.

Let go of any thoughts you may be caught up in and simply feel your breath.


After a few minutes pick up your pen and paper and answer these following questions without thinking about them too hard. Try and let your unconscious mind speak to you by letting the pen just flow across the paper.


  • What experiences in my life have brought out the best in me?
  • If money was of no concern to me, what would I absolutely love to do
  • What in my life experiences, or things in my life presently make me feel energized and passionate?
  • Who inspires me and why, this can be a celebrity or a person in your life


Once you’ve answered these questions you can reflect on your answers by writing them out again and taking some time to further reflect.


Your answers should give the keys to your passions and greatest desires.


Now set your intention to commit to making these things happen.

Remember when you give yourself permission to entertain the idea that anything is possible, you give yourself permission to start really believing.

When you really do truly believe anything is possible, ANYTHING could happen, and that’s got to be better than living on auto-pilot right? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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