Why women should practice Self-Compassion

Hello lovely ladies,

In this video I talk to you about what self-compassion is and why it’s so vitally important to practice it as women today.

As a woman I bet you’re so good at taking care of everyone else and making sure all those around you are cared for and nourished, yet how often do you stop and actually turn some of that kindness and care towards yourself?

Another thing us ladies are particularly good at is beating ourselves up and putting unrealistic pressure on ourselves to be all things to everyone and to be a perceived idea of ‘perfect’, when the truth is no one’s perfect because perfect doesn’t exist. As soon as you can accept that in your heart, and let go of any need to be ‘perfect’ embracing your imperfect qualities, you can learn to thrive and enjoy life a lot more.

When this weight you’ve been carrying around, trying to be everything to everyone and often beating yourself up in the process is lifted, you can literally breathe easier.

You feel the weight lift from your shoulders and chest as the pressure of expectation, often put there by you, is released…

Watch my video below to find out how you can lift this weight, breathe easier and offer yourself some kindness and self-compassion for a happier, more successful, joyful life.

I’ve also recently written an article on this for Thrive Global, if you have 5 minutes and want to learn more you can find it here  

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve been particularly neglecting yourself and have decided this needs to stop and will be implementing some of the suggestions in the video today.

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