JULY 17, 2017 by Aimee

Why Live Events Are Essential For Small
& Home Based Business Mums

If you’re struggling to stay focused and be productive in your business, it’s highly likely you’ve lost your inspiration and creative flow.

Being a mum and building/running your own business can be lonely as well as hugely exhausting. If you’re not careful your energy levels can run dry without even realising you’re nearing empty. Before you know it, your enthusiasm has dried up, and you’re not getting basic tasks completed on your ‘to do list’, let alone coming up with new, fresh and exciting ‘out of the box’ ideas to propel your business forward.

You’re becoming what I call an inspiration no go zone!

It’s not a great feeling to be in this place, I empathise. I get it!

However, there is a solution, all is not lost. Having run classes, workshops and group programs for around ten years now, for me there’s little more inspiring than when you get together with like-minded passionate people at a live event.

In Buddhism and Yoga, we believe it’s super important to find your Sangha, which is your community (Sangha means community, assembly) because to put it simply, it keeps you on your path. When life throws you a curve ball, you have a place to go to get advice, support and renewed inspiration. Being surrounded with like-minded people keeps you focused, creative, energised and motivated.

If you’ve become an inspiration no go zone, and you’re running low on energy, losing all enthusiasm for your business, and wondering why in the hell you started all this in the first place, you need to get yourself off to a live event to find and connect with a community, which can be your ‘Sangha’.

This will help you find what made you passionate about your chosen business in the first place. Plus, you’ll meet like-minded people who will encourage you to learn and grow.

It’s also highly likely you’ll make really good business connections and customers too, because people buy from, and do business with a person they like, know and trust.

Building relationships and having a community is everything in business, not just for your business success but for your own sanity too!

Even though today there’s an abundance of various Facebook groups, member’s clubs, paid and unpaid, which are fantastic resources for support.
( I’m a member of the Soulful PR community plus I run the She Can Have It All Facebook community)

As great as the online world is for us mums building home based/small businesses, it’s really super important you leave your computer screen and make the effort to meet people in person too.

The fabulous Marianne Williamson tells us in her book The Law of Divine Compensation “energy can create wealth, but wealth cannot create energy. No amount of technology can equal the value of passionate people brainstorming new possibilities”.

Live events are a place where you can rekindle the fire in your belly, remember your WHY, get inspired, reconnect to your creative flow, meet people, have fun, learn and grow, grow, grow! No amount of technology, sales funnel systems or webinars can give you that.

If you’re feeling like a little unfocused, a little stuck, de-motivated and feeling like an inspiration no go zone, go find a live event and get yourself booked in.

I guarantee your energy will shift, your enthusiasm will renew and both you and your business will experience big growth!

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