SEPTEMBER 04, 2017 by Aimee

Why I Left a Safe 17-Year Career to Start a Home Based Business

I began my NHS career as a nurse at the young age of 19. At this point I didn’t know what I wanted to do forever, but this felt like a really good place to start. It was, it served me well until I became a mother, and the demands of the job became too much, too exhausting and I felt like I was sacrificing my energy and most importantly my time with my family.
As the NHS crumbled and resources became depleted my family grew and I knew I wanted change.

Having worked in the NHS for 17 years I had no idea what else I could do. My skills felt limited to the NHS only, everything else either felt underpaid, uninspiring, or again too demanding on my family life.
This change wasn’t just about me, it had to be about my family and our collective way of life, as well as meet my own needs as an aspirational woman.

My answer came from an unexpected place, at first it was hard to see the opportunity.
It’s no secret the network marketing profession is growing exponentially. With the internet rocketing us into the age of information, and social media dominating how we network, connect and do business, owning and growing a network has never been more exciting or important.
Traditional jobs are becoming less, inspiring our millennials to charge forward and show us how to create opportunities where little exist, and they’re not alone.
Mothers often accused of ‘wanting it all’ are rising up and proving they can indeed ‘have it all’ by creating their own home based businesses, where they work around their family instead of making their family work around their job.
It’s an exciting time for all who are open to and prepared to face the fear of change…

My first introduction to network marketing came from a successful mum who had left her corporate career to live in the county and raise a family. I was intrigued, but after speaking to a friend was advised it was a “pyramid scheme”.
I felt embarrassed I’d even considered it and put it to the back of my mind.
Fast forward a year and I was approached again, this time by a friend and someone who I respected in the health profession.

Marianne Williamson says, “it’s not our failures we fear, but our successes”.

Even though I was intrigued and excited, I still held back choosing instead to watch my friends journey from the side-lines. Soon her business grew to the point where she was able to replace her ‘job’ income with her network marketing income and therefore could leave her ‘job’.

Something good was happening, I couldn’t deny maybe it was the answer I was looking for.

Fast forward in time and I too have left my career as a nurse in the NHS to become a full time network marketing professional.
It hasn’t been easy nor has it been an overnight success, but nobody ever said it would be.

“If you want your network marketing business to pay you like a business, you need to work it like a business”- Emily Vavra.
That’s the choice I made from day one, and continue to do so.

There’s a lack of understanding around the network marketing profession in the UK, we’re slow to catch up with countries like the U.S, Canada and Australia.
People often confuse network marketing with the illegal pyramid schemes that happened in the 80’s and can often show their ignorance by judging and frowning on the profession.

The truth is, it’s a legitimate way to start a business, or create multiple streams of income alongside other businesses, which experts advise is crucial to building financial independence and protecting your finances.

It’s an industry supported by successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Robbins, who all endorse the profession, with Richard Branson stating “it’s the business of the future”

With network marketing recently estimated to be worth $178 billion in 2013, and experts predicting by 2021 the number of people choosing to start an online business will double, there’s no question network marketing is an exciting opportunity to explore if you’re looking to start a business or looking for change in your life.

The days of judgment are numbered as the network marketing profession continues to grow and go from strength to strength.
Liberating its entrepreneurs to a life of financial and professional freedom, network marketing continues to prove itself to be a respectable profession and industry time and time again.

For me it’s changed my health and saved my family life. I couldn’t be more grateful and am determined to shine the light so others also have the same opportunity.
After all, we all deserve to be happy, healthy and successful.

If you’d like more information on starting a network marketing business, or if you’d like to learn how I can help you create the same financial stability and freedom I’ve created for myself by partnering with me, you can contact me via email at or visit my ‘partner with me’ page on my website.

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  1. Jules White September 5, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Great blog Aimee – there is no such word as can’t and I’m so glad you are now fulfilled in what you do. Life is short and you have to what you love 🙂

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