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Coaching testimonials

Over the years, I have coached many women to help them find balance, passion and purpose in their lives, while also raising a healthy
family and managing their busy careers.

Here’s what a few of these women had to say about
their experience of working with me.

I have an online Hypnobirthing business which I set up so I can spend more time with my little girl and make a living from what I love doing. Up to now I have had small wins but many more lows. When you’re starting out without a map it’s sometimes hard to know if you’re climbing or free-falling.

Working everything out alone has been a vertical learning curve with countless sleepless nights and growing self-doubt. When nobody, not even my husband, could find the right words to keep me afloat, I found myself calling on the services of Aimee-Leigh.
She understood me and saw through the mess.

She opened me up and I found myself confessing to all the fears that I have been trying so hard to conceal.

This woman is a born leader, a sister in mind-body meditation and a fierce mama bear. My unconscious mind and my soul knew that I needed to connect with her, this has been a vital turning point in my business and my life. I cannot thank her enough.

Lynn JT – Hypnobirthing & physiotherapy specialist


I started working with Aimee at a time when my head was just so full of ‘stuff; that I literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was so busy with life that I felt I was continually going round in circles and getting nowhere! I have an active family and a busy home, as well running my own business making wedding & celebration cakes. On the course with Aimee I learnt that it is OK to stop and take time for myself, I learnt that by stopping and breathing and taking note of my surroundings, I could actually be more productive with my time and more in control of my emotions. My thoughts became clearer and I became more able to organise myself and my time. I would definitely recommend working with Aimee, she has enabled me to find inner calm and peace within the storm.

Kerry Hemms


I worked with Aimeeleigh which was just fantastic Head Space! It gave me much needed time to think about things that matter in my life: time to stop, to talk and learn ways to cope and deal with stresses and strains that life can bring sometimes! These are just some of the ways working with Aimeeleigh helped and continues to help and make me feel. Aimeeleigh was just such a kind and lovely person, who made the our whole working experience so comfortable. It is very hard to put it into words but mindfulness and self-compassion is now part of my life, to stop and look, to sometimes step back, it then allows more time in doing the important things, with the people, my family and surroundings that matter.

Lisa Langford

Owner of Boogie Beat Music & Movement

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