June 6th 2018

Say Goodbye to Limiting Beliefs & Self-Sabotage

Essential oils can play a powerful role in deep rooted emotional healing that’s needed to release blocks or resistance you be experiencing which are holding you back in your business and from living your passionate adventure.

Resistance is any thought, belief, or behaviour, either conscious or unconscious, that you have which is exactly the opposite to what you desire. most.

An example of this could be, “I dream of starting my own business”, but then your self-doubting Ego mind says consciously sometimes, or more often unconsciously “but I’m not good enough”

Or, feeling like you just can’t see the woods for the trees when it comes to your message to the world or unique niche.

Feeling blocked and experiencing resistance can ruin your confidence to take the much-needed steps to move forward on your journey, and as a result cause further resistance and blocks.

It’s a little like a chicken and egg situation.

Sound familiar?

You can do positive affirmations and visualise your success, but in the end, you get what you expect, and if deep down inside you’re expecting to fail then sadly you will.

Your consciousness is an extremely powerful tool, and when nurtured, cared for and understood, can yield beautiful life changing miracles.

You are here to manifest and bring to life your dreams, that’s why you have them. Your dreams are your purpose calling to you to take action and make them real.

However, if you don’t fully believe you can have what you want and bring your dreams in to your reality it will show up as some form of resistance, and block in your life, and it’ll feel like you’re working your ass off but getting nowhere with you having no idea why!

Despite all the exercises and spiritual, psychological and common-sense business practices or strategies you’re doing to achieve your goals, it will just feel exhausted.

However, don’t dismay, there is hope. You can learn to understand your resistance and what’s blocking you by coming out of denial, raising your awareness to your resistance and most of all choosing to take responsibility for it.

Resistance can be hard to see when it’s so embedded and it’s hidden from your conscious awareness. But when you combine positive affirmations, meditation and a specific combination of essential oils, it becomes a potent recipe and practice to help you diffuse and let go of deeply embedded emotions and resistance.

Essential oils work in five ways to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit.

By bringing balance and healing to the he body, the heart and spirit, the oils can help you reconnect to your True Self and purpose by breaking down limiting beliefs.

Essential oils are a fabulous way to break down layers of emotional scar tissue to really get to the root of your resistance and blocks and truly start healing and living your best life.

Repeat the affirmation ‘I let Go Of Resistance, My Heart Is Open, My Mind Is Clear”

And combine the beautiful soul essential oils Geranium, Frankinsense and Bergamot. Add a few drops to your diffuser, combine with fractionated coconut oil and rub between your hands cupping your nose and inhaling deeply, or for a more topical use and perfume, rub in to your wrists neck, bottom of your feel and whole body as a body moisturiser if you desire. It’s beautiful, Basque in this healing combination and repeat the above affirmation.

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