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I’m So Pleased You’re Here




Here’s what I passionately believe:

By tapping into your True Self and practicing awareness of your Ego through Yoga, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Self Compassion and the power of Essential Oils, you can live a life of authenticity, joy and vibrant health.

You can discover your True Self and connect to unshakable confidence within you, and absolutely design your own life exactly the way you dreamed it should be.

You can:

Live with absolute confidence and feel really, really good about yourself every day!
As a mum learn to juggle those plates with balance and grace
Thrive in your career or business
Say yes to carving out time just for you, which is what so many women struggle with today

Right now, your mind is probably working against you, but with the right coaching, mind-set  shifts and essential oil support , it can actually work for you.

To help you get to know me, here’s a little of my Story so far in Pictures

Here’s 3 Fun Facts about me you’d never know unless I told you:

My girlfriend get-togethers consist of shredding down mountains through rocks, mud and roots on bikes

Despite having a natural feisty personality, I’m not a natural red head… I know, shocking…

 And I love superhero movies…

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Love, Aimee Leigh
She can have it All



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