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Hello & nice to meet you

Here’s what I passionately believe: You can be ambitious professional or an entrepreneurial extraordinaire. You can have it all, you just have to work for it, and the work begins with your mindset.

You can:

Live a life where you don’t feel over-whelmed daily
Learn to juggle those plates with balance and grace
Thrive in your career and family life
Say yes to carving out time just for you

From my own personal experience I understand being a mother is the most rewarding yet challenging part of your life. I also understand when you choose to combine this with having a professional career or building a business, things can often feel over-whelming.
Right now, your mindset is working against you, but with the right support and mind shifts, it can actually work for you.
This is why I left my 15 year career as a mental health professional, to coach ambitious professional and entrepreneurial mums like you to have balance, confidence and clarity in every aspect of your life.

My Story so far

To help you understand why I feel so passionate about coaching, and inspiring mums to believe ‘She Can Have it All’, it might help if I share some of my story so far.

I grew up with 4 brothers and a mother who showed me an excellent example of a good solid work ethic, often having more than one job to support us in a time where women were only really just starting to, in the words of Annie Lennox ‘come on out of the kitchens’.

Life was tough for us as a family, and I always felt like life had more experiences to offer me.

As a child I was very spiritual and continue to be today. This has always made me different to my peers, I often felt isolated, like I never really belonged. Because of wanting more and having a driven desire to search for belonging and exciting experiences I made a vow early on in my childhood that I would explore and travel the world, so as soon as I could I did just that.

Pretty much as soon as I turned 16 I left home and went to study performing arts.

However, as much as I loved performing, I (strongly supported by my mother) wanted to have a more secure career in my life, so I switched subjects and started my training to become a mental health nurse.

After graduating I decided to further my studies so went on to study Creative arts psychotherapy. This felt like the perfect fit as I was able to combine my love for the arts and psychotherapy.

I was lucky enough to conduct my research project in Australia, where I had a wonderful time living for 4 years. It’s here I got my first taste of public speaking and found a way to balance pursuing my love for creative writing, performance and empowering others in their emotional and physical health.

It was also at this time I found Buddhism and began taking my existing yoga practice seriously. Something inside me had changed living in Aussie, I started training as yoga teacher and began a metaphysical journey which continues to influence my professional and personal life today. These psychological and spiritual practices are what form the bulk of my coaching strategies, helping others to make lasting life changes and creating purpose, balance, and joy in their lives. I like to refer to this as spiritual psychotherapy with a healthy dose of neuroscientific evidence to back it up.


Having children and finding balance

The true test of my knowledge and practice came when I got married and had two babies in the space of two years… Despite being happy as a mum and wife, my work wasn’t just a job; it was and still is a huge part of me. I didn’t want to let that go. This is ok for some women, but I had to admit I was different.

I felt strongly I was still me, and it felt so important on a psychological and spiritual level to keep that.

I experienced a lot of guilt around feeling this way, but it was and continues to be my truth. As a therapist I understand it’s not the quantity of time you spend with your children or loved ones, it’s the quality, therefore I knew it was possible to find the balance between not only giving quality time, love and nurturing to my family, but also being able to have an enjoyable successful career. Of course it wasn’t easy, actually it was really hard, and it challenged me in a way I had never experienced before.

I started my own business 6 months after my second son was born while still working a couple of days a week in my job… There were tears of despair sometimes but it was worth it. I made many, many mistakes, and still do, I’m human and just like everyone else I haven’t been given an instruction manual to motherhood, but through these experiences, I really learned how to practice what I preach.



Fast forward a few years, and I’ve taken all my personal and professional experience and knowledge to create a service with a message and products which empower and inspire women to believe they CAN create a good family work life balance.

It’s my passion to help other women take action to achieve the same balance, purpose and joy which I’ve achieved, I believe life is a gift and it’s yours to design how you choose.

Don’t get me wrong, life is sometimes still a dance for me, where I don’t always seem to know the steps, but what I do know is how to step back and let the rhythm come from within so the steps happen naturally, I believe that and a few time management strategies is really all you need to know….

Through these experiences, I really learned how to practice what I preach and put my money where my mouth is.

If you like my story here’s 3 Fun Facts about me you’d never know unless I told you:

My girlfriend get-togethers consist of shredding down mountains through rocks, mud and roots on bikes

Despite having a natural feisty personality, I’m not a natural red head… I know, shocking…

 And I love superhero movies…

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I look forward to getting to know you soon.

Love, Aimee Leigh
She can have it All

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