JUNE 26, 2017 by Aimee

Interview with Olivia Oakley, The Good Idea fairy

As a lady mum entrepreneur prioritising your emotional and physical health and well-being are paramount to you thriving in both business and family life. It can be a tough journey with many, many up’s and downs, so you need to build mind, body, spirit stamina to prepare for and endure it.

My guest this week on the She Can Have It All podcast is Olivia Oakley, who is mum to two boys, a wife and a successful entrepreneur and author of the blog goodideafairy.co.uk

Olivia dedicates her time to researching and writing informative, inspirational and empowering articles that help women get answers to their health and well-being questions quickly, so they can take fast and inspired action.

The following is a loose transcript of our interview, however you can catch the full interview on the She Can Have It All podcast episode 4. Be sure to listen to the end where both Olivia and I give you our personal mantra’s and discuss why having a visual aid for your mantra is so super important to your sustained success.

To learn how you can get your personal mantra designed uniquely for you check out the link to Olivia’s Instagram at the bottom of this page.

Welcome Olivia, let’s just dive right in, can you tell us about your business?
I run a feel good empowerment & wellbeing blog for women at goodideafairy.co.uk

What inspired you to start your blog?
When I had my second son, I decided not to return to my job in Communications & Events. But I wanted something for me, something to keep my mind ticking over so I decided to start my blog.

What’s your message to the world?
I think I have a few messages but I guess it boils down to: ‘Women, let’s support each other to be the fabulous women we are’

What are you working on right now?
I am pulling together my media kit and trying to get the hang of Pinterest as a useful search engine to boost engagement with my blog content.

What are you passionate about?
Apart from my family and friends, I am passionate about ensuring women take better care of their own wellbeing, and that we are on an equal footing with men.

What does She Can Have It All mean to you?
It means empowerment, having everything you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

How do you build your business and be a mum and wife? How do you keep yourself motivated?
I am fortunate in that my husband is extremely supportive of me and my business. I work around the school day and on the days that my youngest attends nursery. It means I can have the best of both worlds. Quality time with my husband and sons, and still be able to run my Good Idea Fairy blog.

Any top tips to share with us?
It can be hard to stay motivated but the positive comments, feedback & engagement I receive from my followers keeps me going.

Top Tip
1 – Have a personal mantra or motivational saying to get you through the tough times.
2 – Find a mentor
3 – Get involved in supportive groups on social media like ‘She Can Have It All’

Are you promoting anything right now you think we’d love to hear about?
I have teamed up with Ro & Co to offer a free framed print with a personal mantra or inspirational quote of your choosing.
To enter click the link in my bio on Instagram 

What are your plans for the future?
Well we are moving house in a few weeks so my focus is on that. But longer term it is a dream of mine to feature in Psychologies Magazine.

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