17 of September 2018

Interested In Network Marketing? What You Need to Know to Be Successful


Network marketing gets a lot of bad press. You have those in the business who love it, and those getting spammed who hate it, and I don’t blame them.


I am one of those who happen to love it, I should do as I’ve managed to calve out a successful network marketing business.

But it didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen by spamming people and begging my family and friends to join me… although sadly I did do that at one point… It’s not a time I’m proud of!


The company I’m successfully partnered with now wasn’t my first.

I tried two others beforehand.

Now while some may see this as a waste of time, or being disloyal jumping from one company to another, once I got over what people would think about me having been with two other companies, I actually came to see it as my greatest learning curve, and a blessing in disguise, and here’s why.

My first company was my first introduction to network marketing, and like so many people I really had no idea about the whole industry, nor knew what I was doing or really why I was doing it. That  was my first mistake, because having a basic understanding of what a network marketing business really is, is key to setting yourself up for success in the long term. My second company was kind of much the same, but I got caught up in the new company launching in Europe, ‘get in at the front’, false shiny light syndrome, and I’m not ashamed to be honest about it.

But here’s the truth, it doesn’t matter if your company is brand new in a country, if you aren’t aligned and don’t believe in the company and love the product or know how to market and establish a successful networking business, you won’t succeed, no matter who your upline or company is, and what product they have to offer.

Do yourself a favour and take the time to do your homework. Don’t just jump in head first without checking the depth of the water, no matter what false promises you’re told.


Follow these 3 absolute musts, and you can’t go wrong.


The Right Company, Product and Reason Why

You absolutely must be aligned to your company and products right from the roots of your core beliefs. You must want to buy the products anyway. Network marketing is based on a business plan which relies on a lot of people doing a little, not a few people doing a lot, and it works! That’s the best bit. This is why most of the companies (the best ones anyway) have a minimum PV or BV amount to keep your business account active and receive your commissions. It’s also super crucial you love the products and the company ethos because to build any successful business requires a deep sense of love and commitment to work long hours in the beginning. This isn’t just networking, this is all business. And why would you sell products or recommend them to others when you don’t absolutely love them yourself. If you do that, you’re not emotionally invested and you have no integrity.

You have to have integrity if you want to be successful as a networker. Not understanding this is what really lets people down at the start. So many people just jump in head first without really looking in to the company and asking themselves why they want to have a networking business with this company in the first place.

Don’t just join a company because you have dreams of being financially free and see this as an easy way to get it. That’s not what it is, and if you’re told that, then sorry you’re being lied to. You must love the company ethos, and you must absolutely love the core product and want to buy it anyway, even if you weren’t setting up a partnership in business with them.


 The Right Mentor

  • Once you’ve chosen the right company for you to partner with based on your existing skills, core beliefs and what message you want to put out in the world, you need to find a good mentor. Who can guide you through these shark infested waters of business.

Again, what a lot of people will do is just say yes to the first person they come across or asks them, or they go right to the top and look for the biggest leader. Don’t do either. Do your research for sure, but don’t settle and don’t go for someone just because they’re super successful.

Having a network marketing business is truly about building great relationships and strong friendships, and really wanting to spend time with your team.

So many newbies get advised to “just get anyone” and that’s really not it. I’ve turned people away who have wanted to sign up with me because I just felt like they were the wrong fit for my team and didn’t have the right mindset. I give my all to my team and I expect the same back. If someone’s just not there yet, or isn’t interested in that, then we’re not going to get along, and I’m not going to want to support and spend my precious time and energy helping them become successful. So, I’d rather they just didn’t waste their money and become another bitter person who complains that network marketing is a scam.

I’d rather be upfront, honest and not waste anyone’s time, especially mine!

The Right Time

It must be the right time for you. Building a networking business is no easier than building any other business, and I can tell you all forms of business require time, effort and finance, especially in your first year.

I was a psychotherapist in the NHS and knew absolutely nothing about business, it took me a long time, hundreds of hours, and making lots and lots of mistakes  to get to a place of understanding exactly how to network and build a successful networking business that is duplicatable for those who join my team.

I had a few go’s around the merry go round, but I got there eventually, and I passionately believe you can too, but only if you do the above before joining your company and starting your business.

So, if you’re wondering why you’re not successful like others and thinking of throwing in the towel because it’s not for you, think again, you just may be with the wrong company or the wrong sponsor, or it may just be the wrong time for you right now.

Don’t give up, just get realistic!

If you want to connect and hear more about doTERRA, the healing benefits of essential oils and partnering with me to build your networking business, click here, and let’s talk to see if it’s a fit.





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