SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 by Aimee

Changing Your Life Starts with Your Thoughts

“Suffering is what your mind makes of the situation” – Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Your feelings of stress, frustration, loneliness or sadness start in your own mind with a story you torture yourself with.

As it starts in your own mind, you’re the only person who can change your thoughts and change your story.

You always have a choice, you can allow your thoughts to be the cause of your suffering or you can choose to let go, change your thoughts and say yes to transforming your feelings and transforming your life.

Here are four questions you can ask yourself to begin to change your thoughts:

Question 1: First begin by asking yourself is this thought true or false? Or, is it something your ego (fear mind) is making up
This is really the first step to start truly looking at what’s real in your life and what’s not. Your ego mind can be very deceptive and reactive. Have you ever had an intrusive thought which has led to you saying something you regret, and that you know isn’t true but you reactively said it anyway… this reaction always comes from your ego mind which is really just fear.

What you think isn’t always what’s true.

Question 2: Do you absolutely know it’s true?
Take a step back and reflect honestly on a deeper level. Look for the evidence to support if what you’re thinking is true or look for the evidence that proves your thought is untrue.

Be a judge, weigh it up. Take the emotion out of the thought and look at it logically.

Question 3: How do you feel. Check in with your body, what are you feeling emotionally and physically alongside the thought. Is there a difference in how you feel when you choose to believe the thought, or not? You can really start to tune inwards with this reflective question. Remember your mind and body are linked, so your body is often communicating with you on another level.

Transform your thoughts from negative to positive and watch your anxiety and other physical symptoms of emotional suffering, such as weight gain, headaches, and lower back pain vanish.

Question 4: Who are you and how do you feel without the thought? What would your life look like if you hadn’t ever had the thought? Who are you, what does your day to day life look like? Is it better or worse?

Becoming aware of persistent negative thoughts, then changing and challenging these thoughts is the first step to changing negative behaviours, and patterns which don’t serve you in a healthy, positive way. When you begin to practice this reflective process daily, you’ll notice you’ll become so much more aware of what’s your fear mind talking and what’s really you. Your connection with your true self will deepen and you’ll start living a more authentic, less reactive life where fear and insecurity no longer drives you in your decision making.

So that dream you’ve always put off because you’ve never really thought you were good enough, you can now pursue with all your heart.

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