JULY 10, 2017 by Aimee

Believe It Or Not: It’s Not All About You

Mumpreneurs, as you know staying focused and productive, trying to please everyone and build a thriving business can feel like an impossible task.

So how do some women seem to be able to soar as you flounder?

The truth is they don’t, every mumpreneur struggles. Fact.

However, this is hard to see when you’re feeling like you’re sinking, you start judging and isolating yourself. You tell yourself that they’re better than you, or have something you don’t. You begin to compare, criticise, and isolate yourself from a common and normal struggle. It’s this isolation which feeds in to your inner self critic and leads you to lose your sense of self-worth and confidence in your message, your passion and your voice.

Understanding you’re not alone in this struggle is key to breaking the cycle of judgement and harsh criticism your ego mind bullies you with on a daily basis. When you believe you’re alone in your suffering you distance yourself from your peers, and often the rest of the world. This causes you to experience a self-pitying tunnel vision where you feel you’re the only one who’s failing or not coping. This triggers limiting core beliefs which in turn knock your confidence, cause you to procrastinate and hold you back from reaching your potential and achieving your goals.

Understanding you’re not alone in your struggles in building your business, and running a family is crucial to letting go of judging, striving and pushing. Understanding you’re not in isolation helps you forgive yourself for being ‘imperfect’ and making mistakes. You can let go of the heavy burden of judgment which weighs you down. Letting go of this weight of judgment and harsh criticism literally frees your mind, and releases stress. You’ll begin to feel lighter, more confident and more focused.

Use this self-compassion practice when you start to notice yourself looking at others and judging yourself against them. Remember the more you practice, the easier it will become to notice your negative self-talk, and to halt it in its tracks!


Think of a person or situation where you’ve compared, judged or criticised yourself against.

Now say to yourself, this is a moment of illusion.

This is my fear, and it’s not real.

I am not alone in this suffering; this struggle is not mine alone.

This is not my burden to bare.

We all struggle. We all suffer.

I let go of believing I’m the only one who struggles.

My struggle is human, it’s natural, it’s perfect in its imperfection.

Now place your hands to your heart, or give yourself a cuddle and repeat:

  • May I give myself the compassion I need
  • May I learn to accept myself as I am
  • May I forgive myself
  • May I be strong.
  • May I be patient

You can do this exercise any time, any place. There’s no limit to how many times you can repeat this exercise, the more you do it, the stronger you’ll become as you embrace your shared human experience and stop judging yourself against others.

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