OCTOBER 07, 2017 by Aimee

3 Daily Practices Which Trump Being Positive

Maybe you’ve assumed that you don’t need to do gratitude exercises because you’re already an incredibly positive person.

Really, everyone should be practicing gratitude exercises daily, and there’s good reasons why…

Those who dedicate space and time to practice gratitude every day have a more positive, optimistic mentality by default. This positive mindset tells the universe you’re open and ready for more abundance and good things to come in to your life.

If you’re already a fairly positive person, you can just add to this positivity as there’s really no upper limit to your vibrational frequency. The higher it is, the more you’ll attract. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to add gratitude exercises to your life and boost your manifesting potential.

The Connection Between Gratitude and Manifesting

There are dozens of factors which determine how successful your manifesting will be, because your vibration is wholly influenced by everything that happens to you in your life.

Some of which you can’t control, however, making time to practice gratitude is one of those things you can control and one of the most important things you can do to keep your vibration high and in alignment with abundance rather than lack.

If you’re currently wanting to manifest more money for example you’re more than likely coming from a place of wanting and yearning. This is coming from a place of lack.

If you add gratitude exercises to your days, you can train your mind to stop thinking and yearn for more, but instead feel happy and thankful for what you do have.

This not only improves your mood, it brings your whole being to light, bringing you directly into alignment of abundance.

How to Do Daily Gratitude Exercises

Doing gratitude exercises on a daily basis starts to make gratitude an established habit. So, your thoughts and feelings will begin to naturally continue to flow in that direction throughout the day. This helps you refrain from thinking and feeling a sense of lack, fear, disappointment and other toxic feelings that only keep you creating the life you desperately want to manifest.

Below are 3 powerful ways you can cultivate gratitude every day.


Gratitude Affirmations:

Every morning when you get up (or every night when you go to bed), try saying “I am grateful for _____” five times, filling the blank in differently each time. You don’t need to focus on anything big, just whatever brings you genuine happiness and appreciation at that time. Examples include a lovely meal, a good conversation, your health, the weather, something that made you laugh, a pet, and so on. Anything that inspires gratitude is fair game.

Gratitude Journaling:

You can also do the above exercise in a written form. One benefit of this approach is that you can look back through your journal at any time, reconnecting with the things that make you feel grateful – a powerful resource in troubled or challenging times. Once again, try listing five things per day, or ten if you’re feeling ambitious! In fact, some people prefer to write down absolutely everything that can think of, but if you only have a short amount of time to devote to the exercise then it can be better to constrain it.

Gratitude Expressions:

This particular exercise is compatible with affirmations, journaling or both, and it provides the added bonus of spreading positivity to others. All you need to do is find at least two people to whom you want to express gratitude for something each day. This might be as big as thanking a loved one for their unfailing support, or as small as thanking a stranger for allowing you their place in the queue. Whenever you do this, you focus your mind on gratitude and create a thoughtful, appreciative social presence that attracts more love and kindness into your life.

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